Starbuzz Blue Mist Review


Starbuzz Bluemist is a refreshing and flavorful Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco that has taken over the hookah world like a storm. Its popularity has facilitated the manufacturer in gaining recognition across the globe. It is a smooth shisha blend from Starbuzz’s Exotic line of hookah tobacco. The Shisha line is all about discovering the known flavors in a new fashion and falling in love with it all over again. Today, we will try to find out what is so special about Starbuzz Bluemist that hookah enthusiasts are crazy about it.

Starbuzz Company Overview

Starbuzz is a leading manufacturer of premium hookah sets and shisha tobacco. This US-based company started back in 2005, and since then, they have impressed the hookah community with exceptional products. Starbuzz offers four different lines of shisha tobacco, which include Starbuzz Bold, Starbuzz Exotic, Starbuzz Vintage, and Starbuzz Serpent. They is known to have the largest assortment of shisha flavors available on the market. The company’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality hookah products and accessories.

Starbuzz Bluemist

Starbuzz Exotic Bluemist Hookah Tobacco is a blonde leaf tobacco prepared using the finest gold leaves of Virginia tobacco plants. The shisha is popular for its refreshing flavors, incredible juice content, and wonderful smoke clouds. The low nicotine content of the leaves helps the flavors stand out better. It’s got the delicate sweetness of blueberries with a calming coolness observed during the exhale. Initially, it may appear to be menthol, but it is not. This unique twist is much loved by the hookah community. Starbuzz Bluemist Tobacco is available in three quantities: 100 g, 250 g, and 1000 g packs.

Starbuzz Bluemist Review
Starbuzz Blue Mist First Impressions

Starbuzz Bluemist First Impressions

Our first impressions of Starbuzz Bluemist have been positive. The tobacco comes sealed in a pouch inside a resealed container, which is great for storing the leftover shisha after the session. The packaging is practical and elegant. The first thing we noticed about the shish is its bright red color, which makes the shisha more appealing. Starbuzz Shisha features a good medium cut. The best part of Starbuzz Shisha is its juice content. They are most famous for their excellent juice content. Now we know why. Overall, we thought this was a unique and refreshing shisha.

Thoughts on Using the Starbuzz Bluemist

We enjoyed the taste of Starbuzz Bluemist. It remained consistent throughout the hookah session. It can easily go on for a good 50 minutes with a loosely packed bowl. In fact, the flavor of the shisha comes out better when it is packed using the sprinkling method. The aroma of the shisha matches the blueberry flavor. It would have been overwhelming, but the manufacturer came up with a wonderful solution to prevent that. It is the icy-cool twist that makes the shisha more appealing and curbs the fruitiness from getting overpowering. A hookah session is incomplete without blowing huge smoke clouds, and Starbuzz Bluemist didn’t disappoint us on that. In fact, we blew some of the biggest clouds so far. Overall, we thought this was a great shisha and it’s going to be in our hookah bowl for some time.

Buy Starbuzz Bluemist

Starbuzz Bluemist can be purchased both online and offline. Because of its immense popularity, Bluemist is likely to be available at your local hookah shop, hookah lounges, and bars. If you want to skip the trouble of going out to a nearby smoke shop, you can try buying it online from reputed online hookah stores. They even offer free shipping on a fixed purchase value. If you want to purchase bulk Starbuzz Bluemist, ordering online seems to be a good idea. For example, 100 grams of Starbuzz Bluemist cost $11.99, 250 grams cost $21.99, and 1 kg cost $79.99. However, you should check with multiple vendors and compare their offers before making a decision—some may offer you a substantial discount.

Final Thoughts on Starbuzz Bluemist

Overall, we believe the Starbuzz Bluemist was a huge success.It is the bestselling Starbuzz shisha for a reason. It has a unique and refreshing taste, good smoke clouds, and excellent juice content. We would definitely recommend this shisha to anyone looking for a new and exciting flavor.


  • Refreshing and unique flavor
  • Good smoke clouds
  • Excellent juice content
  • Nicotine content is low


  • Gives less buzz


How much does Starbuzz Bluemist cost?

Starbuzz Bluemist costs 100g for $11.99, 250g costs $21.99, and 1 kg costs $79.99. You can find it online as well as offline. It is available everywhere.

Is Starbuzz Bluemist a good shisha?

Yes, Starbuzz Bluemist is an excellent shisha! It is a rejuvenating amalgam of flavors that will open up your senses. It produces good smoke clouds and happens to be smooth because of its brilliant juice content. We would definitely recommend this shisha to anyone looking for a new and exciting flavor.

Is Starbuzz Bluemist strong?

Starbuzz Bluemist is made using blonde Virginia tobacco leaves, which have a low nicotine content. Therefore, it is not as strong as dark-leaf shisha tobacco.

How long does the flavor of Starbuzz Bluemist last?

It depends on your packing style and the amount of heat you add to heat your hookah. Nevertheless, it can still last for around 45 to 60 minutes.

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