Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh Hookah Shisha Review


Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh is a nice shisha that can be enjoyed alone or used in a shisha blend. It features the absolute freshness of mint and is perfect for those who want to rejuvenate themselves after a very tiring day at work.

Amy Deluxe Company Overview

Amy Deluxe is a renowned luxury hookah brand from Germany that was established in 2007. They are best known for their top-notch luxury hookah line, hookah accessories. They also boast a line of great hookah shisha that signifies quality and exquisite flavors. All the products are manufactured in their Jordan facility and are the epitome of quality and opulence.

Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh

Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh is a gold-leaf tobacco shisha that has been prepared using raw Virginia tobacco leaves sourced from German farmers. It is a part of Amy Deluxe’s Gold line of hookah tobacco. The flavors and aromas that give the shisha its classic and intense features are sourced from France and the USA, and the shisha is produced in Jordan. It comes in two sizes: 50 grams and 200 grams. The flavor of the Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh hookah tobacco is Oriental Mint, which is perfect for those who want to refresh themselves after a long, tiring day at work. If you’re looking for a good quality shisha to smoke and make a statement, then Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh is a great option!

Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh First Impressions

When we first opened the pouch of Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh, we were impressed with the fine cut of the tobacco. The tobacco leaves are treated with a unique washing method, giving them the characteristic yellow color, which we later found out was due to the fact that it is a gold-leaf tobacco. The packaging is great as it comes in an airtight pouch which protects the shisha from sunlight and moisture. Overall, we were very pleased with our first impressions of Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh—truly refreshing.

Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh

Thoughts on Using the Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh

Absolute Fresh is all about the oriental mint flavors. Anyone who has smoked shishas for a while is familiar with how frequently mint is used in tobacco flavor. Despite the usage, many brands are working hard to find the ideal blend with a balanced fusion of flavors. Some tastes of mint are very minty. Some mint-flavored shisha tobaccos have unintentionally become soft. The flavors of oriental mint are the ultimate secret of the amazing flavors of this shisha. The Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh has a smooth, minty flavor and produces big, dense smoke clouds. However, it completely depends on how you pack your bowl, whether you are using a dense pack or a sprinkling method to pack your bowl. The shisha is pretty moist and lasts for a long time, so you can enjoy a long smoking session without any worries. We were very impressed with the quality of the shisha and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality tobacco product.

Buy Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh

Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh Hookah Tobacco can be purchased from Amy Deluxe’s official website, as well as hookah lounges and online smoke shops associated with it. The prices on the official website are given in euros. Purchasing from there may not be a great idea as the final price will include taxes and shipping charges. Hence, it is better to buy them from associated Amy Deluxe shops. However, you must check multiple stores for competitive pricing. There are often coupons available for the shisha, so be sure to look out for one.

Final Thoughts on Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh

Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh is a high-selling luxury hookah shisha that can take your smoking session to the next level. It has a smooth and minty flavor that is perfect for those who want to refresh themselves after a long day. It produces big and dense smoke clouds and lasts a long time per bowl.


  • Smooth and minty flavor
  • Produces big smoke clouds
  • Lasts long per bowl
  • High quality


  • Can be expensive
  • Not easy to find in stores


What is the difference between Amy Deluxe and other hookah tobaccos?

The main difference between Amy Deluxe and other hookah tobaccos is the quality of the tobacco. Amy Deluxe is a luxury hookah tobacco that is made with high-quality ingredients and produces big, dense smoke clouds. It is also very smooth.

How many flavors are there in Amy Deluxe Gold Shishas?

The official Amy Deluxe site shows scores of flavors, but it is not necessary that all of the flavors will be available in your local stores.

Where can I buy Amy Deluxe Gold Absolut Fresh?

You can buy Amy Deluxe Absolut Fresh online from their official store. However, we would suggest you buy it from their partner store in your country. It will save you more money.

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