How to Use a Hookah – Five Steps for Hookah Setup


Learn How To Properly Setup And Use A Hookah

You just purchased a brand-new hookah and are attempting to install it for the first time! If you are unfamiliar with the technique, you may be wondering how to use a hookah and how it operates. Setting up and using a hookah is considerably easier than you may believe. We will provide a step-by-step guidance on how to properly assemble your hookah, as well as an overview on how to utilize a hookah for the best possible experience, including heavy smoke and a smooth flavor. Follow the steps below to set up your pipe properly!

1 – How Is a Hookah Bowl Prepared?

The hookah bowl is the most important component of a hookah setup. Packing and prepping a shisha bowl correctly is essential for achieving the finest results from your smoking session. Depending on which hookah bowl you’ve purchased, packing techniques may differ, but today we’ll explain the universal packing technique for optimal hookah smoking.
Regardless of whether you are using shisha tobacco or herbal molasses, the universal procedure for packing your hookah head is to sprinkle your shisha into the grooves of the bowl until it reaches a millimeter below the rim. For this approach, you must ensure that the shisha flavor is not packed down thickly in order to allow airflow and heat circulation within the bowl for a proper bake. You must also ensure that the shisha tobacco does not block the inside vents of the hookah bowl, so that you receive a smooth hit of smoke when you inhale. If the air vents within the bowl are obstructed, your hookah smoking sessions will be confined and unpleasant. This is the ideal technique to set up and pack a hookah bowl for producing dense smoke.
Now that your hookah bowl is assembled and packed, you may add tin foil. Ensure that the tinfoil is entirely wrapped around the bowl’s edges, resulting in a drum-like surface, as you wrap it around the bowl. Heavy Duty foil tends to be far thicker than ordinary tinfoil and makes a significant impact in hookah heat management, keeping you from burning your session. Ensure that the heavy-duty aluminum foil is food-safe to avoid breathing hazardous chemicals while smoking hookah. Use the shiny side up strategy for your hookah session for the finest results.
Now comes the fun part! Use a toothpick to poke holes in your aluminum foil. This will allow heat to flow from your charcoal to your shisha in order to produce smoke. You should pierce just enough holes in the hookah foil (not too many, not too few) so that your heat is evenly dispersed and your shisha is not overheated. After packing and loading your hookah bowl, you can proceed to the following step of the lesson on how to set up a shisha.

2- Stem Assembly for Your Hookah

The stem of your hookah holds the shisha bowl, hookah tray, and hookah hose. In this stage, we’ll verify that your stem is prepared for assembly with the numerous hookah seals included in your setup.

  • Attach the Hookah base grommet: With your entire hookah setup, you will find a rubber gasket stem seal that is larger than the pipe’s numerous grommets. This is your glass base grommet/gasket, which enables you to securely attach your hookah stem to your glass hookah base. This component is essential because it attaches to the shisha base and seals the hookah, providing for adequate air restriction. Simply pull the base grommet up from the bottom of the hookah stem and secure it to the shisha pipe stem’s chamber. The chamber of the stem of the hookah rests on the glass base and has two holes at the bottom.
  • Attach the Hookah Bowl Grommet: The shisha bowl grommet is what seals the bowl to the stem of the hookah. Simply attach the bowl grommet to the stem’s top. This gasket is often larger than the port gasket on your shisha hose.
  • Simply place the final gasket that was included with your hookah setup into your hose port. This will ensure that your hose has no air leaks.
  • Check the purge air valve port, which is located on the other side of the hose port. This hookah component is detachable and contains an air valve ball bearing. Ensure that this ball bearing is inserted, as it restricts your ability to inhale through your hose.

3 – Fill Your Hookah Base With the Appropriate Amount of Water

Filling your foundation with the correct amount of water is essential but also rather simple. Fill your glass hookah base with chilled tap water until it is slightly below the halfway mark. This is the enjoyable phase where we measure the water level accurately. Grab the stem and insert it into the base to determine the water level. Your water level should be approximately one inch above the base of the stem. This will provide the correct amount of air space in the base of your glass so that your session remains unfettered and smokes smoothly. If the water level in the hookah base is too high, you will need to dump some out or else water and moisture will enter your hose and purge ports. If the water level in your hookah base does not reach the stem, no smoke will be produced; for optimal results, the water level should be around an inch over the end of the stem.

4 – Put Together the Hookah Parts

Now that the hookah bowl has been loaded, the shisha stem has been rubberized, and the glass base has been filled with the appropriate amount of water, it is time to assemble the hookah.

  • Insert Hookah Stem Into Glass Hookah Base: Ensure that the hookah stem fits snugly into the shisha base.
  • Hookah Tray to be added to the Shisha Pipe Stem: Simply set the tray on the tray mount by placing it over the bowl port.
  • Attach The Hookah Bowl: Attach the shisha bowl to the male bowl port where the shisha bowl gasket was previously installed. The gasket must prevent the bowl from rattling and prevent air leaks. Ensure that the nargile bowl is mounted properly.
  • Connect the Hookah Hose: Connect your hose to the port for hoses. The hose gasket should ensure that the hose is held securely in place and prevent air from exiting your base.

5 – Fire Up the Charcoal and Smoke the Shisha

Now comes the exciting conclusion. Place two or three charcoal briquettes on a single coil burner or stove to ignite hookah charcoal. Ensure that all hookah charcoals are lighted. You should not speed through this procedure in order to avoid breathing any chemicals or contaminants. Before use, hookah coals must be totally amber red. Typically, it takes between 5 and 8 minutes for charcoal to be completely read prior to use. Once you have lighted your hookah coals, allow them to cool for a few minutes in the tray so that they do not scorch your shisha bowl as soon as they are added. After this is accomplished, place the coals in the bowl of the hookah. Before smoking, allow the shisha bowl to heat for 2 to 5 minutes so that the shisha head reaches an optimal temperature. And now for the enjoyable part: take a puff and have fun! We hope this guide helped you properly set up and utilize a hookah!

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