What Is Hookah?


Hookahs are water pipes used for smoking flavored tobacco. The tobacco is heated, usually with charcoal, and the smoke is passed through a water basin before inhalation. Hookah smoking originated in Persia and India and has become popular all over the world. Many people enjoy hookah smoking for the flavor and social experience.

The Origin of Hookah

Hookah smoking originated in Persia and India and has become popular all over the world. Many people enjoy hookah smoking for the flavor and social experience.

The first recorded use of hookahs dates back to 15th century India. At that time, hookahs were used primarily by the upper class as a status symbol. The popularity of hookahs spread to the Middle East, where they were used in coffeehouses and social gatherings.

In the past few decades, hookah smoking has become popular among young adults in the United States and Europe. The popularity of hookah bars has increased, and many people view hookah smoking as a fun and social activity.

Hookah Today

Hookah is still regarded as a way to show respect and extend excellent hospitality, just as it was hundreds of years ago, both in the United States and around the world. As it has been done for generations, sharing a hookah brings together loved ones, close friends, and new strangers to strengthen bonds. People from all social classes, all religions, and all political ideologies can come together thanks to the large society that hookah is a part of. Although hookah has evolved over the years, the tradition-based nature of the activity has not changed much. And hookah is a cultural expression for many individuals from various nationalities.

Different Parts of Hookah

There are many different parts to a hookah, and each one plays an important role in the smoking process.

  1. Hookah Head: The hookah head, or bowl sits on top of your hookah and houses your shisha tobacco. It is often constructed of clay or porcelain. Aluminum foil is placed on top of the loaded tobacco in the hookah bowl, and then charcoal is placed on top of the foil to heat the tobacco.
  2. Charcoal Tray: The metal disc that rests on your hookah stem right below your bowl is known as the “tray” or “plate” of the hookah. This piece is a good spot to hold extra charcoal that is being added to or removed from your bowl, as well as to assist in collecting any excess ash from the charcoal in your bowl.
  3. Hookah Stem: The metal portion of the hookah that all of your other hookah components will connect to is known as the “stem”or “shaft”. The “downstem” is the metal tube at the bottom of the stem that extends into the water in your hookah base. This component is often welded to the top of the stem in handcrafted hookahs. The downstem is typically a threaded element that can be screwed onto or off of the upper half of the stem on many hookahs created by machines. In addition, the shaft will have two crucial components linked to its sides, purge valve and an adapter.
  4. Hookah Hose: You will inhale through the hookah hose when smoking a hookah. Air is drawn into the top of the hookah when you inhale on the hose, which causes the smoke to be pushed down through the stem and into the water at the base before being drawn back up via the hose. Traditional hoses are often made of leather, but modern hookah hoses are typically made of silicone or plastic. 
  5. Hookah Base: The hookah base, also known as the water jar, is the component that holds the water that filters the smoke as it passes through your hookah setup.Although some hookah bases are made of plastic, this component is often made of glass.

What Are the Different Hookah Styles?

Hookahs are available in numerous styles. Let us quickly give you a snapshot of the main hookah styles available on the market.

Traditional Hookahs

There are three main types of traditional hookahs based on the country of their origin, which are Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkish hookahs.

Egyptian hookahs are regarded as the gold standard and are distinguished by their elaborate copper shafts. They are also renowned for having an open draw, which makes it simple to draw smoke from the device and gives a lot of options for adjusting how much and how little smoke they get with each pull.

Syrian hookahs are one of a kind and precious to hookah enthusiasts. Due to their extreme rarity, Syrian hookahs are highly sought after by professional hookah smokers everywhere. They are the most exquisite hookahs on the market right now thanks to their exquisite handiwork and elaborate decorations. Their superb drawing is their most notable feature. The best smoking experience is provided by Syrian hookahs, which fall somewhere between an open and a restricted draw.

Turkish hookahs have a devoted following; in fact, traditional hookah smokers consider Turkish hookahs to be a cult favorite. They are renowned for their simple design and engraving as well as their elaborate decorations. However, fans of the Turkish style hookahs claim that because of the tight draw, they have a particularly intense flavor.

Modern Hookahs

Modern hookahs can offer a reliable smoking experience because they are constructed with more predictable mass manufacturing qualities. Modern hookahs come in a wide variety of styles.

Glass hookahs are made of glass. Because of this, glass hookahs and bongs, which are water pipes that are frequently used for smoking, are comparable. They are visually beautiful, but the quality is fragile.

America entered the hookah manufacturing business somewhat late, but since then, US-made hookahs have become world-famous. American hookahs combine the greatest features of traditional hookahs from all over the world in a mix-and-match fashion while using premium materials and mass production to get rid of flaws and variance. These hookahs offer a wide range of draw openness and practicality.


Smoking hookah is more than a cultural tradition or passion now. It is a global craze that has taken over the world in the last few years. If you are new to hookah, this article will help you to get started. Just keep it handy.

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