CocoNara Natural Coals Review


CocoNara Natural Coals is a brand of hookah charcoal that has been around for over 15 years. This natural coal is made from compressed coconut shells, making it an eco-friendly and renewable resource. It’s smokeless, odorless, and lasts longer than other brands of hookah coals on the market, giving you a smoother and more flavorful hookah session. With the reliable performance and quality that comes with this brand of hookah charcoal, it’s no wonder why CocoNara Natural Coals have become a favorite for many hookah enthusiasts around the world.

CocoNara Company Overview

CocoNara is a Lebanon-based company that specializes in manufacturing natural hookah coals. Founded in 2005 in Lebanon, the company has quickly grown to become one of the top charcoals for hookahs and shishas. CocoNara prides itself on being an eco-friendly and renewable resource, with their coals made from compressed coconut shells. Not only are they smokeless and odorless, but they also provide a longer lasting burn period than other branded hookah coals. The CocoNara brand has grown to become the king of all hookah coals we have on the market.

CocoNara Natural Coals Highlights

CocoNara Natural Coals are a favorite among hookah enthusiasts because of their reliable performance and quality. They burn up to 3x longer than other charcoal on the market, are smokeless and odorless, and contain no sulfur. They come in boxes of 20, 60, or 120 pieces with two variations—big cubes and flats—depending on your preference. We also appreciate that these coals are also available in one, three, five, and ten kilo quantities, making it convenient for those who want to purchase them in bulk. They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and provide an extended smoking session for all of your hookah needs. Their natural composition of compressed coconut shells makes them a renewable resource that can be enjoyed with confidence. CocoNara Natural Coals have become the king of all hookah coals we have on the market, and it’s easy to see why.

CocoNara Natural Coals Features

CocoNara Natural Coals come in two unique and thoughtfully crafted shapes and sizes that are specifically designed to enhance the hookah experience. The big cubes measure 25 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm, while the flats measure 25 mm x 25 mm x 17 mm for optimal heat distribution. They contain no sulfur, so you can enjoy your session without any worries. Plus, they are created without the use of any trees, which makes them an eco-friendly and renewable resource. CocoNara’s natural composition of compressed coconut shells makes them an environmentally friendly source of fuel. CocoNara Natural Coals provide longer-lasting smoke sessions than other brands on the market and can be used with a single coiled charcoal electric heater for even heating. With all of its benefits, it’s easy to see why CocoNara Natural Coals have risen to the top of the hookah coals market.

CocoNara Natural Coals First Impressions

Our first impressions of CocoNara Natural Coals were impressive. The cubes are the perfect size for metal screens and heat keepers, providing even heating across your bowl. The flats are ideal for foil-packed bowls, ensuring that your shisha never burns when you pay attention to what you’re doing. These coals come in boxes containing 20, 60, or 120 pieces and are cost-effective, smokeless, odorless, and contain no chemicals. They provide an extended burn period compared to other charcoal on the market and are environmentally friendly due to their natural composition of compressed coconut shells. CocoNara Natural Coals have become a favorite for many hookah enthusiasts around the world, and it’s easy to see why. With all these features, we can confidently recommend CocoNara Natural Coals as the king of all hookah coals on the market. The CocoNara Natural Coals are the perfect choice for all of your hookah needs. They offer reliable performance, an extended burning time, smokeless and odorless quality, and no sulfur content, making them safe to use.

Thoughts on Using the CocoNara Natural Coals

Our thoughts on using the CocoNara Natural Coals are very positive. We have found that they provide an even heat distribution, excellent smoke production, and a longer session than other coals on the market. They are also tasteless and burn cleanly. When using these coals, we recommend starting with 3–4 evenly placed on the heated coils, making sure not to use any petroleum substances for rapid heating as this can negatively impact the flavor of the hookah. All in all, CocoNara Natural Coals are an excellent choice for any hookah connoisseur and deliver a reliable performance every time.

Buy CocoNara Natural Coals 

CocoNara Natural Coals are available on the official CocoNara website, as well as any online or local hookah stores. The pricing of their popular coals ranges from $2.99 for 20 pieces of CocoNara Flats to $12.99 for one kilogram of CocoNara Big Cubes. To make sure you are getting the best deal, it is also a good idea to scour the internet for any potential coupons or discounts before making your purchase. Additionally, many online stores offer free shipping when purchasing a certain amount of coal, so that is always an option to consider as well. All in all, CocoNara Natural Coals offer excellent value for money and are sure to last you many sessions to come. So if you’re looking for reliable coals that provide a great smoking experience, CocoNara Natural Coals should definitely be at the top of your list.

No matter where you choose to buy your CocoNara Natural Coals, you can rest assured knowing that you will get a great smoking experience with every session, but be aware while purchasing them. Nowadays, there are many people selling fake copies of CocoNara coals, so keep the following points in mind when purchasing: The packages must be elegant, clear, and made of high-quality materials. Always look for serial numbers as well as an imprinted place of origin; authentic CocoNara coals have two stamps, one on the box and another inside. CocoNaras is packaged with instructions; if they are missing, avoid the product. Selecting things with positive evaluations on the web is another fantastic approach for avoiding fake CocoNara products. This is typically a good idea when purchasing online. Hence, we advise you to either purchase them from the manufacturer itself or from a reputable and trustworthy vendor.

Final Thoughts on CocoNara Natural Coals

In conclusion, CocoNara Natural Coals are undoubtedly one of the best hookah coals on the market. They offer a unique combination of exceptional features and benefits that provide an enjoyable smoking experience with each session. From their natural composition to their extended burn period and smokeless and odorless qualities, these coals truly stand out from the rest. As such, if you’re looking for an outstanding hookah coal that is reliable and provides an excellent smoking session every time, then CocoNara Natural Coals are certainly worth considering. With their competitive pricing and great value for money, CocoNara Natural Coals are sure to be a great addition to your next hookah session.

Pros of CocoNara Natural Coals:

  • Longer burning times compared to other brands
  • Smokeless and odorless when lit
  • Burn for up to 60 minutes with less ash
  • Natural and environmentally friendly composition
  • Competitively priced and great value for money  

Cons of CocoNara Natural Coals:

  • Some customers have complained that product quality is not always consistent


Q: How long do CocoNara Natural Coals typically last?

A: Depending on the size of the coal, CocoNara Natural Coals can last up to 50 to 60 minutes on average. This makes them great for long smoking sessions where you want to ensure the coal is still burning until the end.

Q: Are CocoNara Natural Coals smokeless and odorless?

A: Yes! When lit, CocoNara Natural Coals become smokeless and odorless, making them ideal for indoor use.

Q: Does CocoNara offer competitive pricing?

A: Yes! CocoNara Natural Coals are reasonably priced and provide excellent value.They also come in a variety of sizes to suit different budgets.

Q: Are CocoNara Natural Coals environmentally friendly?

A: Yes! CocoNara Natural Coals are made from natural, renewable resources, which makes them an environmentally friendly option. They also burn cleanly, with minimal ash and no smoke or odor.

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